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TOYBOX Powered by Hasbro

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Have fun on a whole new scale at Hasbro's first ever multi-brand live carnival in Asia! Organised by Kingsmen, TOYBOX Powered by Hasbro plays up your favourite childhood toys, bringing them to life in a supersized way. Head down with your friends and family for fun photo opportunities, exciting games and activities, live mascot appearances and more – all in this 4,800 sqm mega playground!



1) TOYBOX Powered by Hasbro is a cashless event. Only payment via RFID wristband is accepted at the activities and food and beverage area.

2) You may top-up your wristband with credits using cash/credit card at designated top-up stations located within the carnival.

3) Wristband is activated upon collection.

4) Once activated, all RFID wristband(s) are valid for SAME DAY USE ONLY. However, you may refund the unused credits in your wristband by visiting this website and follow the instructions there. Kindly note that an admin fee of SGD $3.00 will be applied for each refund of credits per wristband.

5) Validity date for entry is shown on ticket.

6) There is no on-site refund available for unused credits.

7) The RFID wristband cannot be used at the Retail Shop, and you may use cash/credit card for any merchandise purchases at the Retail Shop.

8) The minimum top up value onsite is SGD $1.00.

9) We do not accept $1,000 notes.

10) All RFID wristbands must be secured on the wrist to be valid.

11) Once the strap of the RFID wristband is cut, it will become invalid.

12) All RFID wristbands have to be activated in order to be eligible for refunds.

13) There will be no refund or replacement for any lost RFID wristband, once it has been collected from our on-site collection counter. Upon collection, please ensure that the wristband is secured on your wrist to avoid losing it.

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